Is there a minimum patient number, which should be included into the trial?

  • Yes, a minimum of 20 patients should be recruited per centre.


How long is the study period?

  • Study period is (5-)7 days within a self-selected week until August 30th 2020.

Which patients should be included?

  • All patients that match the inclusion/exclusion criteria with planned surgery within study week should be included in the trial (consecutive numbering!). Furthermore, each centre should record how many patients were screened and how many failed/met the different eligibility criteria


What about patients admitted and undergoing surgery during night?

  • Patients admitted to the hospital during night and undergoing immediate surgery are not included in the study.

Who is performing the blood test to evaluate cause of anaemia?

  • The hospital or any other system that works for you is responsible for performing the blood test.


Who is paying for the anaemia management?

  • We do not have any funding to provide compensation. However, hospitals without BUT INTEREST in routine anaemia management should participate in this (5-)7 days prevalence trial because of the following advantages:
    • to estimate the number of patients with iron/folate acid/vitamin B12 deficiency and anaemia of chronic kidney disease/inflammation
    • to find out which patient group would benefit from treatment and how to set up an anaemia management
    • to get a hint about costs


Which patients should be excluded?

  • Patients with¬†preoperative autologous blood donation
  • Patients with planned revision surgery within the study period
  • Patients whose first surgery during hospitalisation was before the start of the study period (the first surgery during hospitalisation must be within the study week)